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2 months of PHS HAIRSCIENCE Journey

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Many of you would have known this.
But did you know that most cancer patients / survivors have an issue with hair loss?

It took me many years to grow my hair to this length and I just can’t bear to cut it.
However, with the birth of Chloe and cancer history, I started to experience hair loss issues like most mummies.

In April, I began my 2 months journey with PHS HAIRSCIENCE

FEM Fortify Daily Regime
You will need to do a double cleansing daily, followed by the
use of conditioner and hair tonic.

Firstly, we will need to use the
ADV Nutrition Shampoo
to remove unhealthy build-up to unclog hair follicles and it also helps to clean our scalp by removing dirt and dead skin cells.

Secondly, perform a double cleansing by using
FEM Fortify Shampoo
to energise and rehabilitate our scalp. This shampoo also aids to strengthen and nourish hair roots to prevent excessive hair fall and hair thinning.

Follow up with the use of
FEM Fortify Conditioner 
to moisturise our hair and end off the regime with the
FEM Fortify Tonic
which will help to nourish and strength our hair roots so as to achieve a reduction in hair fall.

Besides the refreshing minty smell, you will feel that your scalp is so much cleaner after each wash and hair looks healthier too.

Haven’t seen me for some time?
Check out my report card where a picture speaks a thousand words. 

In May, I started to notice lesser hair fall and the growth of baby hair. As of now, my balding spots are definitely so much better and I no longer have to worry about taking photos from any angle.

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