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Aknederm Germany's #1 brand against skin impurities

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After using for 2 weeks, here’s what I think:

It lives up to its brand promise which is to help us to “clear our skin of impurities, blackheads and inflammation”.
After using for a few days in a row, I felt that my skin tightened, and became
smoother too.

Begin with Cleansing Foam which is gentle on our skin. It is able to remove makeup, dust and dirt particles. After use, my skin turned a pinkish shade as seen in video.

Next, apply the  Tinktur Sensitiv which is formulated with fruit acid BHA, zinc and vitamin A.
It aids to deep cleanse our skin. I find that this solution helps me to clear away dead and dry skin, which makes an alternative to an exfoliating gel. In fact, I do see a little dirt on my cleansing pad after each use.

After using the Tinktur, you might feel look flushed like me as the smell is slightly stronger (like alcohol).

Apply the Lotion F next.
This is made with natural light shale oil
from the French Alps. It helps to remove
excess skin oils and I felt that my face has
a matte finish after use, accompanied with a tint of glow.

Lastly, I apply the Creme H which contains zinc oxide. It can work as a mild concealer or as an overnight mask. This is my favourite in the set as I like that it not only absorbs quickly, it does help to remove some of my super duper stubborn blackheads too!

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