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Get Ready For A Delectably Sweet Time As VivoCity and Kiztopia Presents JUMPTOPIA @ VivoCity
      Regardless if you have a sweet tooth or not, JUMPTOPIA™ @ VivoCity, jointly presented by VivoCity and Kiztopia, is sure to delight all, from the young to the young-at-heart with its one-of-a-kind colourful candy and dessert-themed inflatables that will take place at the mall’s Outdoor Plaza, Level 1, from 18 November to 26 December 2022.   Occupying 8,600 square feet of outdoor space at the front of the mall, the tented event features five tasty-looking giant inflatables that families can look forward to for a bouncing good time during the year-end school holidays and in..
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Brand owner:

Who can apply?
- Verified reviewers (with Legit IG account)
- All adults age 18 and above
- IG account posts set to public 
- FB account posts set to public  

What will you receive?

A total of 6 packets of milk:

  1. Zymil Full Cream 1L- 3 packs per pax
  2. Zymil Low Fat 1L- 3 packs per pax

What is required from you?
1. Take 1-2 clear photos of product(s) (selfie is not compulsory)
2. 1 Instagram post (Includes at least 1 photo and caption)
3. For Instagram post Tag TWO pages & add 4 hashtags 
@supreme_parents and @supremeparentsreviewers
#paulsmilk #paulsmilksg #sprcampaign11 #review

4. 1 Facebook post (Includes at least 1 photo and caption)
5. For Facebook post Tag
Paul’s Dairy
Supreme Parents Public reviewers
Supreme parents

6. Both FB and IG profile must be set to public status (i.e. everyone can see your post)


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Looking for writers
Looking for writers_Share places of interest and you could be rewarded! I cannot go to many places that you can go to, because of my health issues. So I may not be that resourceful in sharing great hangouts. And because SEEING is BELIEVING?   From this month onwards, I would like to try out this new program. I’m looking for blog posts on places of interest in Singapore!   We will pay a token fee to the writer for chosen articles.   Suggested Topics (Interesting Things to do in Singapore) food recreation indoor playgrounds parties and games and etc  ..
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About this event Due to pandemic measures and restrictions, we can only allow booking for up to 1 adult x 1 kid for every sign up. Thank you for the patience and understanding. This event is Organized by Supreme Parents, and supported by Our Singapore Fund, NTUC and various supporting partners and sponsors. We are supporting RedCross for this event as well. You may also donate to them directly.   Proceed to register for the following: 1. Ticket to enter game carnival Suitable for Children age 2-12. There must be 1 accompanying adult at all times. 2. You can also bo..
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Would Anyone Resist Extra Protection?

As we move towards living with the virus, I’ve also learnt to live with
the use of different brands of liquid disinfectants.
However, that alone might not be sufficient.

Would Anyone Resist Extra Protection?

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Trade with FUTU SG via our moomoo app

Trade with FUTU SG via our moomoo app

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Recipe Sharing - Oreo Bento Cake

Recipe with Tulip Cocoa Powder making Oreo Bento Cake

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2 months of PHS HAIRSCIENCE Journey

2 months of PHS HAIRSCIENCE Journey

Many of you would have known this.
But did you know that most cancer patients / survivors have an issue with hair loss?

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Aknederm Germany's #1 brand against skin impurities

It lives up to its brand promise which is to help us to “clear our skin of impurities, blackheads and inflammation”.
After using for a few days in a row, I felt that my skin tightened, and became
smoother too.

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An untouched & intimate topic: How do you clean your private areas?

An untouched & intimate topic:
How do you clean your private areas?

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