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Recipe Sharing - Oreo Bento Cake

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Oreo Bento Cake

▪️10g sugar
▪️4tbsp hot water
▪️200ml Fresh milk
▪️200g crushed oreos 
▪️200g Whipping cream
▪️2 tbsp Tulip Cocoa powder
▪️16 pcs of Vincenzi ladyfingers
▪️20g fine sugar (for Whipping cream)


Step 1: Make the Base
Mix Cocoa powder & sugar in a bowl and proceed to add hot water and mix it again
Add fresh milk and mix it well and now this becomes a chocolate milk

Dip the Ladyfingers in the chocolate milk and let it sit in the fridge for at least an hour (do not put it overnight)

Step 2: Make whipped cream
Use a hand mixer and mix the whipping cream & fine sugar hand-mixer together which takes about 2 minutes
Now add 50g of crushed oreos into the whipped cream and mix it

Step 3: Create layers
The base has solidify after an hour so let’s now build the layers using Ladyfingers, crushed Oreo and whip cream to your liking

You can pipe using either Oreo cream or whipped cream or both

Step 4: Refrigerate
Store in fridge for at least 3 hours.

Step 5: Decorate it
Coat the top layer with your preferred choice of ingredients

We did one with crushed oreo topping and biscoff biscuit and another one with fruits