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10 Ways to De-stress in Busy Singapore

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10 Ways to De-stress in Busy Singapore

It’s the year-end exam period! Not only are children getting antsy, the adults too are feeling stressed. And even if you haven’t got any exams to worry about, there may just be something else you’re fretting over.

Too much anxiety can take a toil on both your mental and physical health. So pause, take a breather and check out these 10 ways to help you des-tress.

#1: Exercise

Photo: Jumping Singapore Facebook

Any form of exercise, light or intense, can be a good stress reliever. If you’re game for a real-good aerobic workout, try jumping fitness with Jumping Singapore. Conducted on trampolines that are safe and effective, jumping fitness strengthens your muscles, improves physical endurance, burns calories and produces tons of endorphins to improve your overall well-being. A word of caution though, do consult your doctor to check if you can engage in high intensity cardiovascular and aerobic exercise, especially if you have any pre-existing medical conditions.

By joining a class at Jumping Singapore, you’ll also be supporting a worthy cause as all revenues generated go to support the social programmes of New Hope Community Services, which namely help displaced and needy Singaporeans.

#2 Knead Your Stress Away


There’s a reason why getting a massage can put you to sleep. It’s because massage can reduce your heart rate and calming your nervous system. Once your body goes from anxious to calm, it releases more serotonin – the relaxation hormone, thereby aiding with sleep among other functions. Massage also alleviates tense muscles and pain.

Try a Javanese or acupuncture body massage or authentic traditional foot reflexology by Bellecare for only $39 each. Choose from light to deep pressure massage techniques to suit your body’s needs.

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Or get the uFairy massage chair by Zero Healthcare for only $990 (U.P. $2,490), plus additional $58 off with this NDP Coupon. Enjoy ‘zero-gravity’ relaxation with a full body massage or foot reflexology in the comfort of your home; five professional auto-massage programs are fully voice activated, providing relaxation like never before.

#3 Indulge in Something Sweet… Without the Sugar Rush


It’s common to crave sugar when feeling stressed as it produces the energy boosting and mood enhancing neurotransmitters – serotonin and dopamine. But too much high-sugar foods can actually cause stress to your body and mental health. Therefore, the next time you wish to indulge in the pleasures of sweet-tasting food yet counter the harmful effects of a sugar rush, opt for guilt-free desserts with no processed sugar added.

Beyond Fruit specialises in hand-crafted natural yogurts combined with fresh fruits, açaí sorbets, floral teas and fruit shakes that are 100% vegetarian and with zero sugar added. Enjoy Beyond Fruit’s Premium Açaí Kiwi Blast for only $5.80 (U.P. $9.30) with this NDP Coupon. Hurry, offer ends 31 Oct 2023.

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#4 Cook a Healthy Meal




Stressed over the rising cost of dining out or ordering takeaways? Switch to healthier and cheaper home-cooked meals instead. Opt for stress-relieving foods such as tuna or salmon. These fatty fish contain high levels of Omega-3, a nutrient that interacts with mood-related brain molecules. Other recommended foods include poultry high in Vitamin B, citrus fruits high in vitamin C and fibre-rich greens like broccoli and kale.

Make shopping for groceries less stressful by having them delivered to your doorstep. Get up to $10 off when you order from FairPrice OnlineClick here for promo codes.  Also check out Quan Shui Wet Market’s e-store or newly opened retail store at 50 Tagore Lane. Established in 1968 as Quan Shui Fresh Pork, a wet market stall, the family-run business now offers a wide array of fresh produce in addition to pork. Noob cooks can pick up Quan Shui’s fresh food tips on how to select fresh vegetables, food storage and even recipes from their website. Want to win a $30 Quan Shui e-gift card? Click here now.

#5 Sing Out Loud


Excessive levels of cortisol, a stress hormone, can lead to rapid weight gain, high blood pressure, etc. This 2017 study actually showed that singing in a low-stress situation helps to bring down cortisol levels, which means a casual karaoke session with family or close friends is a great stress reliever.

Book a private room at Teo Heng Family KTV Studio (from $13/hour) and have a blast singing all your favourite songs. Or bring the KTV home by getting a home system (from $699 with this NDP Coupon) so you can enjoy unlimited singing and enjoyment.

However, unless you’re a seasoned performer, don’t attempt to belt out a song on a public stage as that’ll probably induce sweaty palms, trembling hands and all the symptoms of stressful nervousness.

#6 Bond Over Board Games


Playing a board game usually brings laughter. And laughter releases endorphins, which help with stress relief. This was a conclusion suggested by this 2017 study on stress management. Moreover, according to an online survey by RealNetworks, Inc., 64% of the respondents said they play games to unwind and relax and 53% play to relieve stress.

So, gather a few friends and head down to Play Nation! The lifestyle and gaming café chain offers more than 500 titles of board and console games and every package comes with free flow of snacks and drinks. Plus, don’t forget to grab this $5 gaming voucher first.

#7 Head Outdoors


There’s something about looking at the ocean, breathing in the forest fresh air or gazing into the distance from a hilltop lookout that puts your mind at ease. That’s why it’s better to head out into nature when you’re feeling stressed. According to this article, nature presents scenes that calms your nerves and a workout in nature may reduce anxiety more than going to a gym.

In Singapore, there are many nature reserves and nature areas that offer a respite from the urban jungle. Hiking in the forest or strolling in a park will boost your serotonin levels too. Alternatively, spend a day at Sentosa, frolicking at the beach or soaking in the sights from the 11-storey high vantage point of the Fort Siloso Skywalk. To enjoy more benefits the island getaway has to offer, sign up for the Islander membership now.

#8 Catch a Movie

Image: Eaglewings Cinematics

The jury is still out on this one, but catching any genre of movie can help to relieve stress. You may think that movies that cause heart palpitations or make you cry too much may do more harm than good, but some believe that horror movies may actually trigger a sense of pleasure for some, while tearjerkers help to release emotions.

Of course, spending a couple of hours in a comfortable movie theatre, with snacks in your hand, is already a form of relaxation in itself. Any good movie will be a bonus. Choose a cosier cinema experience at Eaglewings Cinematics, the first independent cinema located at KAP Residences Mall, King Albert Park. Its five cinema halls with different colour themes offer a total of 135 seats.

#9 Get Art Therapy

Photo: Paintblush Facebook

Art is a form of therapy in itself and therefore a great stress reliever. Even if you’re no Van Gogh, doodling with a pen on paper or making bold paint strokes on a black canvas can cultivate mindfulness and put you at ease. These days, art jamming has grown in popularity as a form of art therapy. And PaintBlush takes it to a whole new level by letting participants paint together over a glass of wine (or any other drink) during their Signature Sip ‘N’ Paint sessions.

#10 Let Off Steam

Photo: The Fragment Room Facebook

Stress can sometimes lead to anger, which when left unaddressed, can affect your mental and physical health. Now there’s an avenue for you to release those pent-up emotions, albeit without harming anyone or anything, save for some discarded objects. Be prepared to smash your way through The Fragment Room, Singapore’s first and only rage room. Over there, you’ll not be chided for decimating plates, electronic appliances and what-nots to smithereens. A standard package gives you 40 minutes of fun and a crateful of breakables. Let off more steam by topping up for add-ons, smashing gears provided.


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