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This post is regarding a foolish mistake.
I lent a big sum of money to an
associate some years ago.


And here’s what I wanna say to all:

I’m the kind of person if ur reputation is
smellier than mine.. you don’t want to change..
and finally its affecting me.. I will UNFRIEND.

Back then this associate said that he was about
to be chased out of his rented room. 凄凄惨惨
His social media portrayed a very good person image,
love old folks, doing charity, hope his sons forgive
him & etc.

At the peak of my depression, it hit me very hard when
he spoke me to one day that he was about to be
chased out. And 同情心泛滥-mode on. I felt so sorry
for him as I had been through very poor days,
and offered the loan. I told him to repay when
he can / when his business is better.

However, he had the money to go pubs,
to move shop, to open a new shop, & etc.
Hearsay even wearing Rolex now.

I’m not exposing him only for
1 reason: I chose to lend. I dumb.

Even when I said I need to pay Hosp bills
back then he also don’t return.
And now, people are associating me with me
just because I added him on FB & IG.

So since it’s my own stupidity,
I don’t think I got the rights to expose him publicly.

Also just 2 cents thoughts, IG & FB started
donkey years ago. So some “frens” in our social
media may no longer be our frens / not close anymore/
added for other purposes/ kana hacked Liao.. & etc.

So I just wanna say to all, I really appreciate the
trust in my choice of friends. But it doesn’t
mean following one another means
WE LIKE or RESPECT that person.

Thank you for trusting me for who I am.
But kindly don’t determine how good another person
is just because they are associated with me on my
social media. Judge that person by yourself oh. ☺️

I probably can’t recover that money anymore.
So the next thing I can do is to salvage my Reputation
before he makes use of it / people got conned.

Not saying I’m a very good person. But I definitely
don’t want anyone to be scammed like me.

Besides real human-scammers,
becareful of AI-fake-human scams too.

2024 我们要一起努力,绝情些!

Ok I continue 拜年-ing! HENG ONG HUAT!

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