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Thank you to my parents for giving me a warm childhood

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I just want to save this as a
timely reminder to myself.

“有的孩子用 童年去治愈一生

Do you have a favorite storybook?

I love @roald_dahl’s books and
is 1 of my favorites.

It is a uniquely sweet fairytale, and
certainly ignited my love for chocolates.

What I remembered most was
that despite the hard times,
my parents will still try
to make time for us.

There was a time
I couldn’t recall what I was
unhappy about.
But despite financial difficulties,
I remembered
my parents bought home some chocolates
just to cheer me up.

My dad said that he didn’t know
how to best love us, but he knew
what we loved to eat.

Love comes in many forms.
My parents may not be good at
expressing themselves,
or their love for us.
But through their
every little and big actions,
we know that the safest and warmest
place will always be
our HOME .

谢谢父母 给了我美好的童年。

Thank you to my parents
for giving me a warm childhood.