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Hansamin Pomegranate Korean Red Ginseng Sticks

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Are you a #Kdrama fan like me?

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They always extol the virtues
of #ginseng! However, I find ginseng
to be really bitter thus far.

After reading positive reviews, I made
the decision to give Hansamin Pomegranate
Korean Red Ginseng Sticks a try. 

It tastes sour to me and comes in a handy
liquid sachet pack. There’s a faint scent and
taste of ginseng, but I didn’t really noticed it
until my girl told me. I enjoy taking one in the mornings to give me the extra energy I need!

This is made from 6-year-old Korean
Red Ginseng and they added a high
content of pomegranate.
Specifically designed to improve the
health and vitality of women, it not only
improves my alertness, but also strengthens
my immune system. The most noticeable
result was that it improved my skin
and made me look rosier! 

@hansamin_singapore is uniquely
offered at @guardiansg!

It’s undoubtedly a nice present for
you and your loved ones.
Hope you like it too.

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