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Lunch Bento from Grain Luscious

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I was having swollen, itchy eyes and skin for the past few days and was simply too tired to cook anything.

So I was extra Thankful to receive a 5 day lunch bento from Grain Luscious.


Guess you all know by now that I’m someone who loves saltier food and I would think my healthiest meals

would usually be those from the hospitals, or the meals that I cook for Chloe. 

So I was initially skeptical with how well I would love the lunches.

I felt they would taste bland since they are all cooked using healthier methods, such as sous vide and bake.

But I was sold. 说真的, 还挺好吃的.

*sometimes the food came messy (toppled), but that’s fine because they still taste great!


And to my surprise, my personal favourite was the Sous Vide Oregano Chicken Breast which came with roasted asparagus, carrots, lemon couscous and a roasted sesame dressing.

The chicken SOOOO good with their paired sauce! 2nd favourite was the 鸭.

Meals came in vibrant colors (to me), and taste good. And yep, the hubby shared part of the meals with me as I

don’t really eat some of the vegetables.


Btw, price is pretty affordable too!

Here’s where to order:


Have a great weekend! 

Yvonne Lian