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丢回 ~ A chillax night with BFF

Cook - Eat - Drink - Sing

She just went for her wine appreciation course & shared with me how to appreciate
these red and white wines from Italy.

1502 Davinci In Romagna Duomo Di Faenza

Flavorful on the palate with a good balance of body and acidity.
It’s the 1st white wine that I enjoyed as of now! High drinkability.


1502 Davinci In Romagna UVE Portate A Cesena

Striking sensations of ripe fruit which then evolve pleasantly into a sweet
vanilla note, closing with ripe spicy notes and tobacco.

It has since become a favorite on @viavalen’s list of red wines.

Only difficulty we faced was opening the wines. We are too noob. 

For this quality, we think 价钱很公道.

Also learnt from @tri.vine that RED wines are best served @ 16-18degc, and WHITE wines @ 12-14degc


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Use "Cheers23" for a 20% discount! 

Thanks foodie @mrs_serene_lim for introducing good stuffs to us!