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OKOME Rice Pudding
Rice puddings is a healthy breakfast that tastes like dessert! So Ping & me decided to make it for our kids, & also submit this for OKOME October contest! Here are the recipe - Rice Pudding  Ingredients: 150g of cooked rice 1 large egg 30g of sugar (less sweet) 180ml of whole milk 1/4 teaspoon of cinnamon powder We choose Okome Short Grain Rice because it provides a stickier texture, and is a healthier option. Directions: Cook rice & set aside Whisk the eggs, milk, sugar & cinnamon Pour mixture over rice Bake at 150°c for 25 minutes Let it c..
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Special Giveaway by Luna Park
Dear Daddies & Mummies, Shopping for baby products doesn't have to break your wallet. It’s time to treat your little ones and win baby products worth $1000! You may stand a chance to win all the baby essentials that you need! To enter, simply click here Note: *xlWin is affiliated with Luna Park Media. Luna Park Media is an introducer, carrying out introducing activities for Prudential Assurance Company Singapore (Pte) Limited (“Prudential”). ..
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Shop at Mummys Market
What are you doing today? Shopping at @mummys_market ? Don’t forget to check out booths like @superbottoms & @liloikanbilis! TGif! Have fun! And Happy Children’s Day to all!  ..
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Brand owner:

Who can apply?
- Verified reviewers (with Legit IG account)
- All adults age 18 and above
- IG account posts set to public 
- FB account posts set to public  

What will you receive?

A total of 6 packets of milk:

  1. Zymil Full Cream 1L- 3 packs per pax
  2. Zymil Low Fat 1L- 3 packs per pax

What is required from you?
1. Take 1-2 clear photos of product(s) (selfie is not compulsory)
2. 1 Instagram post (Includes at least 1 photo and caption)
3. For Instagram post Tag TWO pages & add 4 hashtags 
@supreme_parents and @supremeparentsreviewers
#paulsmilk #paulsmilksg #sprcampaign11 #review

4. 1 Facebook post (Includes at least 1 photo and caption)
5. For Facebook post Tag
Paul’s Dairy
Supreme Parents Public reviewers
Supreme parents

6. Both FB and IG profile must be set to public status (i.e. everyone can see your post)


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Trial set from Angel Confinement Meals.
Occasionally, my Mil or Hubby would cook some Confinenent dishes for me to nourish my body. How about on the days that I crave for it? Tadaaaa! I got myself a Signature trial set from Angel Confinement Meals.    有什么呢? Roasted Chicken Thighs with Sesame Oil & Ginger Steamed Ginger Cod with Premium Sauce Mushroom Spinach & Fish Maw Goji Berry Red Date Ribs & Carrot Soup Mushroom Ginger Yifu Noodles Sesame Paste with Rice Ball Red Date Tea with Ginger & Wolfberry x2 And we all know that Confinenent meals offers optimal healing and strengthening. And what make..
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Looking for writers
Looking for writers_Share places of interest and you could be rewarded! I cannot go to many places that you can go to, because of my health issues. So I may not be that resourceful in sharing great hangouts. And because SEEING is BELIEVING?   From this month onwards, I would like to try out this new program. I’m looking for blog posts on places of interest in Singapore!   We will pay a token fee to the writer for chosen articles.   Suggested Topics (Interesting Things to do in Singapore) food recreation indoor playgrounds parties and games and etc  ..
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