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Apply to be a Public Reviewer

Apply to be a Public Reviewer

SP REVIEWER Eligibility:

  • Age 18 and above
  • Residing in Singapore
  • Knows how to take photos &/or videos to post on social media
  • Owns a personal Instagram account with at least 50 followers
  • Instagram account set to public
  • Facebook post must be set to public
  • Those who had a bad record with us / in the industry may not be selected
  • Both men and women may apply
  • Both parents and non-parents may apply
  • Some reviews may require Facebook or IGS


Things to note:

  • Bizvents Pte Ltd (Supreme Parents) and involved clients/ partners reserves the right to use your curated media and review for clarity and marketing purposes without explicit consent required.
  • Each reviewer should only own one account with us (subscribe once only)
  • Able to follow simple rules and guidelines. We will send you the guidelines for each job.
  • Apply to be a reviewer only if you can commit to the deadline
  • Always check your email/ SMS / whatsapp for important updates
  • We will claw back item or require you to pay back cost of item if we find out that you had not been honest as a reviewer.

    E.g. used a fake identity
    E.g. used several different accounts to apply for item(s).



Apply to be a Public Reviewer


Step 1:
Register your interest via this form.
Your Instagram account has to be set to public.

Step 2:
You will receive an email if you are eligible to join us.

Step 3:
You will need to share a post on Instagram to declare that you have been selected as a public reviewer.
(Refer to steps in email)

Step 4:
We will email you on suitable campaigns. You may also apply for campaigns via our website.