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Serene Lim 16/12/2020

We followed the live tutorial for Gather’s Day recently! It’s fun and simple! The teacher was very clear and waited for the kids to be done before moving on! ★★★★★

Karlee Kun 16/12/2020

We had plenty of family fun during the events organised by Supreme Parents. We enjoyed the Halloween party, Treasure Hunt and free play at Polliwogs! ★★★★★

Wanjing Wu 16/12/2020

My boys had fun with the baking class! The games were good exposure as they do not get a chance to see those kampong stuff in this generation. THUMB UP to the whole team for awesome job!!! ★★★★★

Wei Liow 16/12/2020

Been following @supreme_parents way back from 2016 event held at Scape till now. Always have many ideas for different type of games and themes. Never fail to surprise us each time! ★★★★★